Additional activities

Master Class

afpm “Inside the Cutting Room with Andrija Zafranović: Editing Movies 30 Years Ago vs. Today: A World Of Difference”

Location: Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skopje
Date: 15.12.2017
Time: 11:00

Master class with the laureate of the Lifetime Achievement Editing Award for exceptional contribution to the world film art Andrija Zafranovic. The Masterclass is open to all local students and filmmakers.


afpm “VR as a technologically new way of creating content, applied in video games, movies and elsewhere”

Location: University for Audiovisual Arts - Parisian European Film Academy ESRA - Skopje
Date: 15.12.2017
Time: 13:30

The workshop will discuss the impact of VR in the area of storytelling across all media, with a particular emphasis on films and video games. We will look at some use cases and extrapolate where the impact of this technology will be greatest, and how to take the most advantage of this new way of experiencing stories and content. This is an introductory session, suitable for people just coming into this field as well as people interested in broadening their understanding about the ramifications and possible future in this field. Petar Kotevski is a veteran of video game development, with a long experience of over 15 years in the game development industry. He has worked in world-famous studios such as Crytek, Microsoft and Bungie. He has worked as a programmer, designer and creative director on games such as Far Cry (PC), 50Cent: Bulletproof (XBOX/PS2), Halo 3 (XBOX360), Halo 3: ODST (XBOX360), Halo Reach (XBOX360), Destiny (PS4/XBOXONE) and finally on the novel non-linear adventure game Sonder (PC) slated for release this year. He is founder and developer of KAMAi Media, the first AAA video game development studio in Macedonia and the region.

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